The additional unique contents in this eBook include:

• Fully printable A4 ukulele resources
  for Preschooler, Reception and Y1 children
• Practical section on the Ukulittle® methodology

• Class organisation & Monitoring

• How to use resources both on and offline

1 Story Song + 9 tutorial videos and their printables:

• A helpful infographic and Video simplifying how to tune

• Session plan sample catering for mixed abilities
• 2 X Session routine original action songs to help establish posture

• Strumming pattern number 2

• Bonus song  – Cool, so Cool, UkuLeela singalong with running lyrics


You will not find these tried and tested, well designed, ready-to-print, video materials anywhere else. Your contributions will keep us creating more Ukulittle ® learning experiences for you and your children, because every child deserves the fun of making music!


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PREORDER UkuLeela has a farm + Full PDF + 10 Video links

  • The fully printable PDF download* of this eBook
    is a highly visual guide
    has an extent of 55 pages
    with 10 supporting videos
    available 31st MAY 2022

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    Written and designed by Margie Jammie
    Inventor of the Ukulittle ® method

    Copyright 2022 Ukulittle® All rights reserved 

    This is a PDF file and you will need Adobe Reader to watch the linked Story Song Videos and Tutorials: