Margie Jammie is a London-based music teacher who set up the North London Ukulele Club in 2013 to inspire learners of all ages to play the ukulele. As the owner of Ukulittle ® she has created a unique child-centred, pre-school ukulele brand that gives priority to self-expression as well as technique. Children build up their knowledge and learning of the ukulele in a creative and fun way during their early years – a child can start at 3+ years old – follow up during transition into reception and primary school age years and continue to flourish onwards and beyond. It works on the basis that all children have different learning curves, inclinations and aptitudes regardless of their age and plays to their strengths, building confidence and a can-do attitude.

The release date is March 2022. You do not have to donate for this free pack but
if you are able and wish to do so it will
be much appreciated. We have all been working with heart and soul through the months to create it and hope to continue with more stories in the near future.


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Ukulittle ® was formed seven years ago when Margie realised the untapped potential of teaching ukulele to preschool age children. Young children are brimming with enthusiasm, creativity and ideas that they want to share and Ukulittle ® builds on that to ensure that their learning is done at their own pace and in their own unique way. Providing inspiration, useful resources and support, the Ukulittle ® method enables children to play spontaneously, making their own chord progressions and songs or even changing existing songs to a topic that is important to them at that moment.

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Children have access to all the resources that Ukulittle ® has created and are also encouraged to make their own resources
and compose their own songs. This is rare
in a music curriculum for young learners
and Margie’s mission of enabling more young children to benefit from it resulted in the creation of a fun-packed innovative book series: My First Ukulittle Story Song Books with each story supported by a companion video plus extra tutorial videos. The free introductory pack is now very close to being completed after being delayed because of intensive Zoom teaching during the 2020 world pandemic.

Margie is a Kidz Kabin and an Octopus Ukulele Associate

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